Where We ride


Chickasaw National Recreation Area

Most of the year, our 2 hour and longer rides are taken out in the beautiful Chickasaw National Area (CNRA) located on the south edge of Sulphur.  The riders pictured on the left are going up past the Veteran's Lake dam and spillway.  We ride on approximately 5000 acres of hills and canyons located east of Arbuckle Lake. 


Wolfe Ranch

Our 1 to 1.5 hour rides and lessons are taken out on our ranch north of Sulphur. The back part of our ranch includes a creek, several ponds, rolling hills and woods.  Riders pass several horse herds including mares with foals every spring. There are several beautiful photo opportunities and your guide will offer to take photos of your group.


Large Area Ranches

We occasionally have special rides available on large private ranches including Spring and Fall rides organized by the local 4-H club.  The photo on the left was taken on one of the largest ranches in Oklahoma, right on the very top of the Arbuckle Mountains.

Please excuse the 'mess' near the staging area!

If you think it looks like a tornado went through here -- well, it did. An EF4 tornado hit us squarely, wiping out our home of 36 years along with just about everything else.  Please be patient with us as we are trying to get it all cleaned up while still raising and training horses and taking out recreational riders.   Take a look at the photos taken right after the tornado.


To the right is all that is left of our ranch hand's trailer home.  We lost our home, our son lost his home and we lost more than a dozen horses.  Our first priority has been to clear fields of debris and rebuild all of the fences so our horses have a safe place to live.  Now, we have to figure out how to get rid of the debris that we piled up near the ranch headquarters. 


To the left, this is what is left of our equipment shed and shop building.  That's a tandem axle farm truck with a lift bed laying on its side.

We lost our barn, a big hay shed and every pen and fence as well.

We aren't complaining.  None of us were injured.  We were all in an underground tornado shelter just recently installed.  We just ask that you be patient with us.

Contact Us

 Please contact us at the email below 


Feel free to contact us by phone as a computer is not always monitored.

 You can call, text or leave a voice mail at this cell number:  

Cheri    (580) 993-0097

You may call or leave a voice mail at this land line any time.

(580) 622-6326

We are frequently in poor cell service areas.  You can call, text or leave a message at this cell number:

Terry   (580) 993-0005

 Located 4.5 miles N on US Hwy 177 from downtown Sulphur, OK 

Wolfe Ranch

P.O. Box 243, Sulphur, OK 73086

(580) 993-0097 - (580) 622-6326