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Welcome - WE ARE open! We're scheduling TRAIL RIDES!

Our rides have not been cancelled.   We are unaffected by the Corona Virus!   Please call for reservations.   

One hour rides cost $40.00 per person - taken out on the ranch.

Two hour rides cost $60.00 per person - taken out in the scenic Chickasaw National Recreation Area.

CALL OR TEXT (580) 993-0097


Established in 2000


The annual special 4-H Spring trail ride will take place April 25, 2020 on a huge, private Ranch in the Arbuckle Mountains. Make reservations early for this great annual event. Spots are limited. Ride includes a great smoked brisket and beans dinner served by the 4-H club.

Arbuckle Trail Rides, LLC was started by Pete and Cheri Wolfe, owners of Wolfe Ranch Quarter Horses.   After 35 years of training horses professionally, they needed to slow down and retire from hard competitive riding. Taking out a few trail riders seemed to fit their background perfectly. Now, they cannot keep up with the demand.


Oklahoma and International Recognition

We are proud to announce that ATR has been recognized as one of the best trail ride destinations in the country.  Most recently, we were voted "Best trail ride provider in Oklahoma" by the readers of "Oklahoma Living Magazine", Oklahoma's magazine with the most subscribers in the state.  Each year, several International groups come to ride.  Many riders come just to learn from the Wolfe's more than 100 years of combined horse training knowledge and to hear some of their horse stories.  They have been told countless times that 'they need to write a book'.  They love to show visitors their stallions, mares and babies.  They have sold horses all over the US and around the world!

Please  CALL!!!   We only  have a PC and Cheri has not been  feeling well, so  please CALL and  do not  completely count on  e-mail  correspondence.   


Call for reservations and make sure all children have a waiver signed by a parent.

All rides are set up with reservations.   Please call or text (580) 993-0097

You can use GPS to the Artesian Hotel in Sulphur and then continue 4.4 miles further north on US 177 and you will be in front of the ranch!!!

Please excuse the mess at the ranch.  The ranch was recently hit by a huge EF4 tornado that wiped out the house, barn, sheds and all fences.  We are still trying to get rid of all the debris.

NO SMALL  CHILDREN MAY BE CARRIED IN THE SADDLE BY AN ADULT.   5, 6  & 7 year olds may only go on the 1 hour ride.  Children 8 and up may go on the 2 hour rides in the mountains.

Call or Text for Reservations

All rides are set up with reservations. Horses are carefully matched to riders. Rides conducted at the ranch include a brief session of instruction and practice in the 'round pen' where a rider can get acquainted with their horse and get the feel of riding it.  Saddles are always carefully fitted. Helmets are provided for all riders under 18 and must be worn at all times when riders are mounted. Helmets are available for any other riders that want one.  Saddle bags are provided for cell phones, cameras and water bottles.

Check out the 'prices page' for complete prices and group discounts.

We are very easy to find.  We are located on the east side of US Hwy 177 exactly 4 1/2 miles north of OK State Hwy 7 in Sulphur.

Be sure to follow the directions on the 'location' page to find us as GPS directions are frequently WRONG.  

Watch for more 'special' rides in 2020


Now taking limited reservations for the April 25, 2020 annual 4-H special ride and dinner.

Bring your own horse or ride one of ours on these special rides

We can only furnish and haul a limited number of horses to these trail rides, so we recommend reservations early.   Lunch is provided by the 4-H Club.  There is a fee that has to be paid to the Murray County 4-H club in addition to the fee for using one of our horses.  Call for details: 

Dona Johnson - 4-H leader - (580) 369-2429

Murray County Extension Office - (580)-622-3016

Reserve a horse with Arbuckle Trail Rides.  A horse will be hauled to the trail-head for you equipped with a saddle and saddle bags. [The horses provided are gentle and well-trained, but some riding experience is recommended.]

Contact Us

e-mail - not always well-monitored -- wolfeden@brightok.net

You can call, text or leave a voice mail at this cell number:

Cheri   (580) 993-0097

You may call or leave a voice mail at this land line any time.

(580) 622-6326

We are frequently in poor cell service areas.  If you are having difficulty getting in contact with us, you can text  us on the (580) 993-0097 number and we will get it when we get in . 

 Located 4.5 miles N on US Hwy 177 from downtown Sulphur, OK 

Arbuckle Trail Rides

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(580) 993-0097 -- (580) 622-6326