Rules and additional information



Trail Ride Rules - Weight limit

We have a 250# weight limit.  Please let us know if any riders are close  to or over 200# so we will be sure to have one of our sturdier horses  saddled with a large saddle.  We are sorry, but at this time we cannot accommodate riders that are over 250# 

Trail Ride Rules - Children

Every person rides their own horse.  We are sorry, but we cannot take out children under 5 or 6 years old and do not let anyone ride ‘double’.  Children must be willing to ride their own horse and that is usually when they are 5 or 6 years old.  We have little saddles that fit them well and have riding helmets that children must wear.  One of the guides will lead a child’s horse if needed.  Children must be 7 or older to go on the 2 hour rides.

Inclement Weather

We do not expect people to ride during stormy or bad weather.  If it is just a little nasty, we usually ride.  If it is raining or storming, we do not want to ride and do not expect anyone else to ride, either.  Just call and check with us.  

Keeping Reservations

We expect people to keep ride reservations unless something major comes up.  We try to keep with a 48 hour cancellation policy.  If you cannot make it to a ride PLEASE call and let us know.  ‘No shows’ will be charged! 

Our Liability

We strive to make everyone's visit safe.  But, under Oklahoma law, Arbuckle Trail Rides, LLC, its owners, employees and all other involved in the operation are not liable for any accident, injury or death that may occur as a result of the inherent risks associated with equine and livestock activities including horseback riding. Everyone that visits our ranch or rides with us does so at their own risk.  ATR has one of the best reputations and records in the industry and we strive to make everyone's visit safe and enjoyable, but whenever livestock is involved, the unexpected can happen.  [A copy of the Oklahoma law will be provided to anyone requesting one.]  In addition, A SIGNED RELEASE IS REQUIRED SIGNED BY EACH RIDER OVER 18 AND MUST BE SIGNED BY A PARENT FOR EACH RIDER UNDER 18.

Contact Us:

 Please contact us at the email below 

Feel free to contact us by phone as a computer is not always monitored.

You may call, TEXT or leave a voice mail at this cell number. 

Cheri    (580) 993-0097 

You may call or leave a voice mail at this land line any time.

(580) 622-6326

We are frequently in poor cell service areas.  If you cannot get in contact with us, please try this additional cell number:

Terry   (580) 993-0005 

Located 4.5 miles N on US Hwy 177 from downtown Sulphur, OK

Arbuckle Trail Rides, LLC

P.O. Box 243, Sulphur, OK 73086, us

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