We want your visit to Southern Oklahoma to be a memorable one!  

Currently booking for Summer and Fall, 2015!!!!

Don't let the weather forecasts keep you away.  We have had a lot of rain and we have beautiful green grass (for a change), but we have also had a lot of great riding weather -- even when the weather reports have called for rain.   Don't be afraid to make reservations .  They can always be cancelled (with no charges. of course) if it is actually going to rain.  Many times it has not rained!!

If you are having a difficult time finding a camping area after the floods in Davis, check out the Chickasaw National Recreation Area in Sulphur, less than 5 miles from the ranch.  They have beautiful 'private' campsites with easy access to nice restrooms and showers.  There are swimming areas and miles of hiking trails -- all in an immaculately clean National Park with NO ADMISSION CHARGES!  The campsites can be reserved by phone and are reasonably priced.  Arbuckle Lake (in the Recreation Area) and the campgrounds on the lake are closed due to high water, but the other campgrounds and facilities (like the Nature Center)  in the rest of the Park are all open.


   Call for reservations for trail rides:   580-993-0097 or 580-622-6326. 

Watch for the dates for the special 4-H St. Jude fall trail ride.  There will be a morning session and an afternoon session on one of the biggest ranches in Southern Oklahoma at the very TOP of the Arbuckle Mountains.  Our local 4-H club raises over $1000.00 each fall for St. Jude Hospital.  


A December, 2012 trail ride

We are taking out riders in the beautiful Arbuckle Mountain area.  We ride on our ranch (Wolfe Ranch) and several private ranches that we have made arrangements to ride on.    WOW!!!  Call to schedule a ride now!!!!  We have trail rides that are 1 hour or 2 hours in length, and take out a few 3 hour, 4 hour and longer rides - time permitting.   All rides are very scenic with many photo opportunities.   Call and make a reservation today!!!  



2014 trail ride at the ranch

The longer 3 to 4 hour up to full day trail rides may also be set up as 'lesson rides' where the riders receive instruction in proper horses handling and riding techniques.  Riders learn to communicate effectively with a horse so that the horse will willingly do what the rider wants and go where the rider wants to go.   It is so much more fun when you ride with the confidence that you know what you are doing and so does the horse.   

You should book in advance for trail rides if you want to be assured of being able to ride.  Typically, Spring and Fall Break rides and  mid-summer rides book up pretty fact.  Longer rides are taken on a big ranch south of us and need to be booked earlier than the 1 and 2 hour rides.    -

We ride all year -- weather permitting!  For winter rides, just wear jeans and bring gloves and a jacket or windbreaker.  

We have saddlebags for all of the horses, so bring a bottle of water, camera, snack, etc.    


While we strive for safe trail rides and we use horses that have done this for several years (some we have had for 12 or 13 years) and we have VERY experienced trail guides, we remind everyone that we are NOT liable for any accidents or injuries under Oklahoma Law.   Under the best of circumstances, horses are still horses and accidents can happen (although we have had very few accidents in the last 15 years).  Riding helmets are provided for and must be worn by all riders under 18 years of age.  Helmets are available for any other riders that want one.  We fit and adjust saddles to each rider to make each rider comfortable and more safe.   We offer time in one of our round pens for any rider, child or adult, that wants a few minutes to get acquainted with their horse and how he should be ridden.   


In 2015 we are planning all day and possibly overnight rides in scenic Eastern Oklahoma in the mountains and tall pines.  These will be all day or 2 days rides from a 'primitive' campground.  Participants will be camping on their own.  We will furnish all horses, saddles and riding equipment.  More details on the Trail Rides page.

Click here for regular trail ride prices.

[Any overnight or all-day rides are priced separately according to where they are taken out] 


We take out trail rides all year - by appointment!

We have some great winter rides.   We see more wildlife in the winter and can have some very interesting rides.  Just dress warmly.

We are only 2 hours from Dallas / Fort Worth  

1 1/4 hours from Oklahoma City

1 hour from Lake Texoma 

10 minutes from Davis 

10 minutes from the Chickasaw Cultural and Heritage Center

5 minutes from downtown Sulphur

15 minutes from exit 51 on I-35 & Turner Falls

We accept ALL major credit cards for rides 



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Trail riders on 5 acre granite rock overlook (on a private ranch)


Crossing Mill Creek

Winter trail ride

Winter ride 

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